School Sick Days

DESCRIPTION: Sick sims can stay home from school without penalty.

If a student (child or teen) is sick, then the bus will still come but the "go to school" command will not be pushed on the sick kid. It will be pushed on any healthy students in the house. There will be no grade penalty for sick students who skip school, even if they get better before the day ends.

This all happens without any kind of notification. It would be nice to have some kind of "Little Sally can stay home today" message, but that would interfere with the Bring School Friend Dialog mod by twojeffs. It's certainly doable, but I'm trying to avoid load order issues when I can.

Requires Seasons because I use the snow day system to handle sick leave.

LAST UPDATE: April 29, 2012


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Seasons through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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