School Hobby Friend Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes broken school-hobby friend system.

Children and teens get hobby cards that say they will bring home friends from school, and then come home alone because EA never added the hobby friend check. This fixes that.

I recommend you also get Hobby Friend Sanity to avoid having kids bring home adults and elders from school.

KNOWN CONFLICTS:"School bus - bring friend dialog" by twojeffs. He addresses this bug, but allows hobby friends only if a normal school friend is generated instead of all the time. My mod works with his as long as mine loads last. You will not get his "Can Little Johnny bring a friend home?" dialog for hobby friends but you will still get it for normal school friends.

LAST UPDATE: October 30, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTIme through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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