Jobs & School

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Edukashun Iz Gud

DESCRIPTION: Sims can get into any career track regardless of degree, but promotions will be limited based on education.

Updated to take into account 2-year colleges and high school grades. The new version requires Smarter EP Check.

School Sick Days

DESCRIPTION: Sick sims can stay home from school without penalty.

Less Late Penalty

DESCRIPTION: Being late for work is no longer worse than skipping the day entirely.

Townie Job Blocker

DESCRIPTION: You can give townies, downtownies and social group sims the Job Stopinator to prevent them from getting jobs.

School Hobby Friend Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes broken school-hobby friend system.

Hobby Friend Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the "child bringing creepy old man home from school" issue.

Reputation Job Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Townies offer jobs in their current career track. Townies without jobs won't offer one.

Maternity Pay Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer get maternity pay on their days off.

Updated so pregnant sims who walk to work don't get double pay. The new version requires Smarter EP Check.

Job Stopinator

DESCRIPTION: Put this object in a sim's inventory, and that sim will no longer get promotions.

Updated to add hobby cards to -Chance, and to fix a bug which prevented -Chance and -Reputation from working.

No Work Hats

DESCRIPTION: Sims will automatically take off the Noodlesoother, Cool Shades and Thinking Cap before going to work or school.

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