Maternity Pay Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer get maternity pay on their days off.

Updated so pregnant sims who walk to work don't get double pay. The new version requires Smarter EP Check.

If a pregnant sim is not scheduled to work on a given day, she won't get maternity pay for staying home when she wasn't supposed to work anyhow.

If the sim is scheduled to work, and you use "Walk To Work", which is the only way to get a pregnant sim to work, the sim will not get double pay (vacation pay plus normal work pay). However the sim WILL lose a day of vacation (unpaid) since she is waiving her maternity leave by going to work.

Of course, this all applies to pregnant men as well.

LAST UPDATE: September 6, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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