No Townie Aging

DESCRIPTION: Suppresses the dialog that allows you to age townies.

Updated to be compatible with the latest version of Pescado's clothingtool.

I handle townie aging by tracking dates of birth than randomly aging them as playables age up, so I never use the townie aging dialog. I've since heard EA screws up townie aging anyhow (big surprise) so that's another reason to avoid this "feature".

The main version just suppresses the dialog. The "-clothingtool" version works with Pescado's clothingtool to allow you to reoutfit sims every time they age up, similar to the way his tool does for graduating university sims. You have to have the clothing tool on the lot for this to work.

Since my original release of this mod, Pescado changed clothingtool to change clothes for teen->adult or adult->elder transitions. My mod is still needed to handle clothing changes for child->teen. Neither mod handles baby->toddler or toddler->child.

Install only one of the two versions in your game, depending on whether you want the child->teen clothing changes or not.

LAST UPDATE: March 5, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: FreeTime and Apartment Life.

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