Education Bookcase Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims studying skills from the Education bookcase will stick with the activity longer.

Updated to work as far back as Seasons.

The Education bookcase allows studying additional skills (Creativity, etc.) which aren't available to normal bookcases. EA forgot to update the Education bookcase to consider those skills as skills, so the game will consider these studies to be fun activities which makes it hard to keep sims from quitting if motives get a little low.

KNOWN ANNOYANCE: Any property saved with a sim currently studying a book, regardless of if it came from the Education bookcase or not, will throw an error. If you don't play in debug mode, the sim will jump out of the action. If you do use debug mode, just click Reset. Annoying but harmless. It will happen only the first time you go to that property after installing this mod.

LAST UPDATE: October 12, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Seasons through Apartment Life.

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