Apocalypse Fridge

DESCRIPTION: A special refrigerator created for the Apocalypse Challenge.

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Rather than observing the "one meal per day" rule I tried using this refrigerator. Sims can prepare as many meals as they like but the fridge holds only 1/10 the amount of food (20 units) as a normal fridge. This allows preparation of a plate of hot dogs or 5 individual sandwiches.

All commands except for baby bottle are non-autonomous so sims won't make food when you aren't looking. Get Leftovers and Stuff Face have been completely removed. Snacks and Feed Toddler commands are still there if you want to waste food units on them.

Really needs Cyjon's Permafridge so it will refill automatically every night.

Ultimately I didn't use this for very long. The loss of hamburgers really hurts once you get kids or pets in the house.

LAST UPDATE: January 20, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

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