A Study Of Death in The Sims 2

Now that I've meticulously analyzed love it seems only logical that I should look at death next.

I have researched every possible method of death in The Sims 2 to discover the facts and the fiction about how they occur. Everything reported here is based on information taken directly from game code. I used the Mansions & Gardens code which is the latest. Things might be different in earlier EPs.

Sim motives such (hunger, energy, etc.) are on a scale from -100 to +100. References to livable lots mean residences, apartments, frats or dorms.

Sims who cannot die include

  • Special NPCs (Grim Reaper, Social Bunny, Mrs. Crumplebottom, Therapist)
  • Sims without valid houses who are not service sims, townies, downtownies or social groups - I believe this means sims in the bin
  • Sims in the process of moving out (I think)
  • Sims who are leaving for vacation (I think)
  • Sims who are on their way to work or school (I think)

Some death types have age checks in addition to this and disallow sims younger than a certain age from dying. Babies and toddlers are almost always immune and children frequently so.

Several death types count the number of motives below a certain level to see if the sim dies. I am unsure how servos and plantsims would be affected by these, but I suspect they would be immune because they don't have enough motives to fall to fatal levels. This could be considered a bug or a feature.

The deaths below are listed in order of death type in BCON 130 (0 hunger, 1 electrocution, etc.)