The cowplant starts with hunger at 100. This drops by 1 every 200 ticks (400 seconds or 6 2/3 minutes). When hunger reaches 0 after just over 11 hours, the plant puts out the cake. Feeding the plant resets hunger to 100.

Teens, adults and elders can grab the cake. Roommates and non-selectable sims other than dormies can do this autonomously. The action will be more attractive to sims with low hunger or fun. Selectable sims can grab the cake if ordered, but won't do it independently.

If the lot is NOT a livable or secret society lot, or if the sim grabbing is a non-plantsim with hygiene below -75 then the cowplant will just sniff but not eat.

If you can manage to cancel the action during the teasing phase, the sim will not get gobbled. Otherwise, the plant gets fed and hunger is reset to 100.

Hunger continues to drop when the cowplant is waiting to be milked, but if it hits 0 it will just stay there until the plant is milked. The cowplant cannot die from lack of feeding or anything else.

Cowplant deaths bypass the normal global death routine so Grim does not come for these sims. That means no bargaining for the sim's life, and the Cheat Death wish will have no effect.