Edukashun Iz Gud

DESCRIPTION: Sims can get into any career track regardless of degree, but promotions will be limited based on education.

Updated to take into account 2-year colleges and high school grades. The new version requires Smarter EP Check.

There are no college limits on entry into the University careers such as Artist, but the maximum job level is based on the sim's education level.

  • If the sim graduated college, maximum level is 10.
  • If the sim completed two years of college but dropped out before graduation, maximum level is 7.
  • If the sim either didn't go to college or dropped out before completing the sophomore year, then maximum job level is based on the final high school grade:
    • If final high school grade was C or better, maximum level is 5.
    • If the final high school grade was D- to C-, maximum level is 3.
    • If the final high school grade was F, the sim is effectively a high school dropout and has no diploma. Maximum job level is 1.

Bigfoot, plantsims, servos, and adult sims created in CAS are assumed to be average high school graduates so will be limited to level 5. If you use the batbox to give these sims college degrees, then they will get the level 10 limit just like other graduates.

Sims who have hit the glass ceiling have only a 10% chance per attempt of being promoted past the job limit. Yes, your high school dropout can claw up the ladder from Playground Monitor to Education Minister but it's going to take several generations to get there.

LAST UPDATE: May 7, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: University

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

INCOMPATIBLE MODS: harderjobs from MATY. You can use them together (I do) but mine must load after his. You will lose his job caps, which limits the number of sims in higher job ranks, but will retain the harderjobs feature which lowers job levels offered on the computer. Players who still want job caps can use Job Stopinator to manually stop sims from getting promoted.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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