Fragile Permaplat

DESCRIPTION: Fears can cause sims to lose permaplat status.

Update to correctly break Lifetime Aspiration permaplat.

Every hour, during aspiration decay, this mod examines playable sims on the lot. If a permaplat sim is brought below platinum status by having major Fears realized, this mod will remove permaplat status and display a message to inform the player.

In this new version, permaplat WILL be lost if the sim's Lifetime Aspiration (from Freetime) is maxed out. The mod also reduces LTA points to prevent permaplat from immediately recurring.

Each age band has wider aspiration bands than the ones before, so it's harder to break permaplat in older sims. Elders cannot be driven out of permaplat by any single Fear I know of, though experiencing a major Fear followed by a minor Fear can be enough to break them. Adults can be broken by any of the 5,000-point Fears such as death of a loved one. Children and teens who manage to get permaplat, typically through wishing for Peace of Mind with the genie lamp, can be broken by smaller fears, though I'm unsure of the actual minimum value.

WARNING: There are several cases where the game depends on the hourly permaplat check to fill the aspiration meter for newly-permaplatted sims. However if you use this mod, it will break new permaplat before the bar can fill. To prevent this, FreeTime users need Peace Of Mind Fix and either LTA Platinum Fix or Slower LTA Gain.

If you use something like the batbox or SimBlender to make a sim permaplat, be sure to also increase their current aspiration level to platinum. Otherwise this mod will simply break permaplat at the next hour.

LAST UPDATE: November 1, 2011

REQUIRED EPs: University

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

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