NPC Maker Fix

DESCRIPTION:Tweaks the NPC Maker menus to make them more functional.

Updated with corrected tourist menus.

  • Social Groups and Iconic Hobbyists can be made only from Townies, not from pages and pages of dead ancestor sims.
  • Eliminates the ability to create Vacation Locals, since the NPC Maker does it wrong. Use Argon's Townie Brick instead.
  • Re-enables tourist menus for AL and changes them to "Make Me..." (turning the selected sim into a tourist) rather than converting townies.

For some reason, the menus got really screwed up in AL. I had to use a kludgy solution to the tourist menus. I've tried to implement the "Make Me..." functionality to social groups and iconic hobbyists, but the menus never turned out right.

My theory is that since several menu entries have submenus containing every sim in the game, there are just too many entries and the menus get borked. Since I already have my hobbyists and I don't use worthless social groups, I don't have any motivation to keep fighting with this.

LAST UPDATE: September 2, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: Bon Voyage

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Bon Voyage through Apartment Life.

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