No Spoiled Food

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from even considering eating spoiled food unless they are very sloppy or very hungry.

Updated with a second version which allows zombies to eat spoiled food.

This mod was originally designed to compliment noeatcrap from More Awesome Than You which also prevented eating spoiled food, but allowed sims to tie up the dish while they walked across the lot, sat down, and then decided not to eat the food. My mod prevents them from even considering the action (autonomous or user directed).

This latest version allows very hungry sims to eat spoiled food, with the necessary hunger based on their Neat rating. However now this means noeatcrap indirectly conflicts because it will still stop them from eating. I've posted a modified version of noeatcrap compatible with this mod for those people who want to continue to use both.

The "-Zombie" version does the same, but also allows zombies to eat spoiled food at any time. This is meant to compliment Zombie Iron Stomach. Use only one version of this mod.

LAST UPDATE: April 26, 2010 (main version) or October 11, 2010 (zombie version)

REQUIRED EPs: None (for main version) or University (for zombie version)

COMPATIBLE EPs: Main version works for all configurations from the base game through Apartment Life. Zombie version works for all configurations from University through Apartment Life.

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