No Hot Tub Suicide

DESCRIPTION: Sims will not get into hot tubs if there is danger of a lightning strike, even if directed to do so by the player.

Download only one version. The main version just affects behavior as above while the "Naked Teens" version incorporates the changes in Naked Teen Hot Tub which allows teens to enter hot tubs naked if their personality is appropriate and if you are using Woohoo Teens. Use only one version.

If you are using Naked Teen Hot Tub, take that mod out. It won't actually interfere with this mod since this one should load after it, but there is no reason to clutter your Downloads folder with unnecessary mods.

DISCONTINUED in favor of Hot Tub Exit Logic.

LAST UPDATE: November 10, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Seasons through Apartment Life.

CJ-NoHotTubSuicide.zip1.01 KB
CJ-NoHotTubSuicide-NakedTeen.zip1.66 KB