Fertile Fertility

DESCRIPTION: Fertile sims are, you know, fertile - they are more likely to get pregnant.

During "Try For Baby", the pregnancy chance is rolled again for each parent who has the Super Fertility aspiration reward. This means there are as many as three chances of pregnancy for each attempt. The net chances of pregnancy (no fertile parents / 1 fertile parent / 2 fertile parents) are as follows:

Bed - 60% / 84% / 94%
Hot Tub - 25% / 44% / 59%
Other - 50% / 75% / 88%

"Other" means cars, helicopters, photo booths and clothing booths.

Sims still have the increased chance of twins as well.

For the statistics buffs out there, that means the average number of babies per attempt in a bed is 0.66 for normal sims, 1.30 for one fertile parent, and 1.46 for two fertile parents.

LAST UPDATE: March 16, 2011


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from FreeTime through Apartment Life.

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