No Reputation Rewards

DESCRIPTION: Eliminates any or all of the reputation rewards and penalties from Apartment Life.

Updated for another bug fix.

The zip file contains a mod for each possible reward so you can determine which ones you want in your game. Install the files for the rewards you want to eliminate.

  • Cheap/Expensive Catalog - affects prices in Buy mode
  • Cheap/Expensive Rent
  • Promotion/Demotion
  • Office Pariah/Higher Wages - I've never gotten Office Pariah so I don't know whether it affects wages or performance or something else
  • Hot Date
  • New Friend
  • New Job
  • Random Cool Object - the "here's a plasma TV for no reason" reward
  • Reputation - bump in reputation which will increase initial relationship with new sims.

KNOWN ISSUE #1: Don't use both the Random Cool Object and the Reputation mods because these are default rewards and excluding them both will possibly confuse the game.

KNOWN ISSUE #2: I've twice seen people do the reward interaction but I get no dialog. I believe the April 19, 2010 update fixes this issue.

LAST UPDATE: April 19, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: Apartment Life

COMPATIBLE EPs: Apartment Life

CJ-NoReputation.zip3.51 KB