Fewer Chance Cards

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from getting chance cards any time they have at least a 75% chance of promotion. They must not only have good job performance but must also be eligible for promotion.

Updated for Apartment Life.

CJ-FewerChanceCards-Work affects the normal job chance cards and works with all EPs. CJ-FewerChanceCards-Hobby affects the hobby cards introduced in FreeTime.

If you are upgrading from the old version called CJ-FewerChanceCards.package you will need to manually delete the old file from your downloads since this version has a different file name.

KNOWN CONFLICTS: -Hobby conflicts with Pescado's jobfixes. Works as long as my mod loads after his. This version includes the changes he made.

LAST UPDATE: January 28, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: None for CJ-FewerChanceCards-Work. FreeTime for CJ-FewerChanceCards-Hobby.

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

CJ-FewerChanceCards-Hobby.zip693 bytes
CJ-FewerChanceCards-Work.zip743 bytes