Furious Walkby Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes several problems with furious sims visits.

Sims who are furious with sims in a household can visit to kick over the trashcan or otherwise be petty and vindictive. However the basic system is broken and this mod fixes several problems.

  • The game looks for enemies to visit if no furious sims are found.
  • Uses the correct probability for furious visits rather than using the enemy visit probability.
  • Picks random furious/enemy rather than always using the first one found.
  • Witches will walk in rather than flying in, which is necessary for them to behave correctly.

WARNING: If you use this you really should also install one of the Fewer Enemy Visit mods unless you like being visited by hordes of enemies every day.

KNOWN ISSUES: If you play in debug mode, you will get an error message on the Visit Generator the first time you play each residential lot in your hood. Click reset and it will be fine. If you don't play in debug mode the generator will reset automatically.

You may also get an incorrect enemy visit--an "enemy" who isn't really an enemy or furious, but who will still be happy to vandalize something--the first time you visit each lot. This happened during testing and I'm unsure why. If it happens, it will happen only once on a lot and then it will behave correctly on subsequent visits.

LAST UPDATE: February 28, 2012

REQUIRED EPs: Nightlife

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Nighlife through Apartment Life.

*** THIS MOD REQUIRES Smarter EP Check ***

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