Want Changes

DESCRIPTION: Tweaks on the logic for some of the wants.

Update - Baby compatible with all game configurations. Marriage tweaked slightly. Added description of what Servo does (oops).

The zip file contains several mods so you can choose which wants to modify. Install as many or as few as you desire.

  • Baby - Zombies, bigfoots (bigfeet?) and servos don't want to have babies
  • Business - No sell want unless there is a cash register on the lot
  • Dorm - No buy wants at all when living in a dorm
  • Marriage - Romance sims don't want to get engaged, married or joined. Marry a servo want only possible if the sim has a turnon to servos (this requirement will be ignored if you don't have FT).
  • Servo - Servos don't want to do things which will kill them (espresso, hot tub, juice).

The mod is designed to complement wfsanity from MATY. It will show a conflict with that mod (engagement want only I believe), but I incorporate Pescado's changes in mine so as long as mine loads last it will be fine.

If you have my old Want Changes mod, you'll need to take that out.

LAST UPDATE: September 29, 2010


  • Baby - base game (but is only helpful if you have an EP which gives one of the affected creatures)
  • Business - OFB
  • Dorm - University (technically it works in base game, but why bother?)
  • Marriage - base game
  • Servo - OFB

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the specified EP through Apartment Life.

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