Running a Business

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Fake Townie Sales

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie inventories from getting cluttered with junk from your stores.

Lot Unsticker

DESCRIPTION: Experimental mod to fix owned business lots that get stuck in Buy/Build Mode.

Brothel Woohoo

DESCRIPTION: Sims can now open a brothel and make money at the world's oldest profession.

Updated with improved pie menu.

Faster Set Price

DESCRIPTION: Eliminates the absurdly long animation associated with Set Price For Everything on cash registers.

Faster Restocking Badge

DESCRIPTION: Restocking badge is earned twice as fast

Leave Business

DESCRIPTION: When you close a business, your customers will frikking leave already!

Updated so it won't chase off business owner.

Commercial Buffets

DESCRIPTION: Buffets work differently on commercial or owned business lots.

No Commercial Recharge

DESCRIPTION: Prevents servos from recharging on commercial lots. They will leave when their batteries are low.

Updated to track down another source of recharge commands.

Customer Cleanup

DESCRIPTION: Automatically removes owner's family members from customer list.

Basic Sell Only

DESCRIPTION: Prevents your employees from using any sales interaction other than Basic Sell.

Updated to be more effective.

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