Cooking and Food

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Apocalypse Fridge

DESCRIPTION: A special refrigerator created for the Apocalypse Challenge.

Updated to make the page actually visible to visitors.

Smarter Food Serving

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be more logical when deciding how many servings to lay out on the table.

Updated to fix a problem when serving gelatin, and to put in a missing EP check.

No Food Theft

DESCRIPTION: Sims can no longer attempt to steal leftovers or buffet dishes from other sims.

Smarter Chair Selection

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter about choosing where to sit during activities like reading and eating pizza.

Update for smarter seat selection when listening to music.

Better Butler Meals

DESCRIPTION: Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners.

Commercial Buffets

DESCRIPTION: Buffets work differently on commercial or owned business lots.

More Butler Cooking

DESCRIPTION: Butlers look at everyone's hunger levels, not just residents, when deciding whether to cook.

Butler Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the "butler won't cook" bug.

No Spoiled Food

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from even considering eating spoiled food unless they are very sloppy or very hungry.

Updated with a second version which allows zombies to eat spoiled food.

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