Lifetime Aspiration

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Slower LTA Gain

DESCRIPTION: Significantly slows and balances the gain of Lifetime Aspiration (LTA) points.

Updated with a second version that may fix the "frozen vacation clock" bug.

Fragile Permaplat

DESCRIPTION: Fears can cause sims to lose permaplat status.

Update to correctly break Lifetime Aspiration permaplat.

LTA Platinum Fix

DESCRIPTION: Causes aspiration bar to fill immediately when earning permaplat status for a full LTA bar. This mod is necessary only if you are using Fragile Permaplat without also using Slower LTA Gain.

Peace of Mind Fix

DESCRIPTION: Using the genie to wish for Peace of Mind no longer also gives credit for maximizing a business.

Updated with important fix for players with FreeTime who are using Fragile Permaplat.

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