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No Reputation Rewards

DESCRIPTION: Eliminates any or all of the reputation rewards and penalties from Apartment Life.

Updated for another bug fix.

Fewer Chance Cards

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from getting chance cards any time they have at least a 75% chance of promotion. They must not only have good job performance but must also be eligible for promotion.

Updated for Apartment Life.

CJ-FewerChanceCards-Work affects the normal job chance cards and works with all EPs. CJ-FewerChanceCards-Hobby affects the hobby cards introduced in FreeTime.

If you are upgrading from the old version called CJ-FewerChanceCards.package you will need to manually delete the old file from your downloads since this version has a different file name.

No Private School Uniform

DESCRIPTION: Students in private school will wear their everyday clothes and no longer change into a uniform.

LAST UPDATE: July 19, 2009


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

Wealth LTWs

DESCRIPTION: Sims with the Fortune aspiration (which I call the Wealth aspiration) can roll up the lifetime wants to max out Journalism, Music or Show Business.

These are three of the highest salaries in the game plus IRL many of the wealthiest people around are Media Magnates, Rock Gods and Show Business Icons.

LAST UPDATE: December 28, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: University or Seasons

Random Chance Cards

DESCRIPTION: All chance card choices have a flat 50% chance of being right. If a sim has the hunch benefit from FT either answer has an 80% chance of being right.

Under the standard system, each card has basically a "right" answer that has a high chance of giving a positive result. Once you know the right answers it substantially reduces the randomness of chance cards. This mod is intended to restore that randomness making sims' lives less predictable.

This mod also removes the 1% chance that BOTH answers will give negative results.

No Townie Teen Jobs

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie teens from having jobs.

Free Time LTW Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Changes some of the aspiration categories for lifetime wants that apply to the new careers in FreeTime.

The aspiration choices for the FreeTime careers were...odd. I changed them to categories that made more sense.

Architecture - Knowledge, Family
Dance - Popularity, Romance
Entertainment - Popularity, Wealth
Intelligence - Knowledge, Wealth (no change)
Oceanography - Knowledge, Wealth (no change)

LAST UPDATE: September 21, 2008


Job Typo Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes typos in the job titles.

A "douser" is a person who throws water on someone. A "dowser" is someone who searches for water. After the dowser has found water, then the douser can throw it on someone.

There is no such word as "restauranteur" in any language that I know of. The correct term is "restaurateur".

Although "investigatory" is technically a word, the correct phrase is "investigative reporter". (I later realized that might be a deliberate Zoolander reference, but it's still wrong.)

No Zombie Coworkers

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from bringing zombies home from work. This was a situational mod for my Apocalypse game but might be useful for other people.

Doesn't affect kids bringing zombies home from school because that would conflict with School Bus - Bring Friend Dialog from Simbology.

LAST UPDATE: July 12, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: University

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

Lower Wages

DESCRIPTION: Reduces wages to bring the inflated salaries for jobs in the expansion packs in line with the base game.

There are three packages, each applying to a different EP. Install as appropriate. If you have all the EPs you'd install all three packages.

University jobs have their salaries reduced by 40%. Seasons and Free Time jobs have salaries reduced by 20%.

LAST UPDATE: July 29, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: University and/or Seasons and/or Free Time.

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