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School Sick Days

DESCRIPTION: Sick sims can stay home from school without penalty.

Hobby Age Limits

DESCRIPTION: Limits maximum hobby enthusiasm by age.

Update to exclude non-playable sims (townies, NPCs, etc.) from the limits.

Runaway Skills

DESCRIPTION: Runaway teens no longer get their skills randomized, potentially lowering high skill levels. Instead they slowly build skills during the time away from the house.

Faster Zits

DESCRIPTION: Teens develop acne in half the time. This scales the pimple timeline to fit the shorter lifespan of 8 Day Teens

Put Homework Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims look for an empty desk to put homework on rather than all rushing for The One Desk. Includes homework from public/private school and from university.

Updated for Apartment Life.

No Private School Uniform

DESCRIPTION: Students in private school will wear their everyday clothes and no longer change into a uniform.

LAST UPDATE: July 19, 2009


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

Help Homework Owner

DESCRIPTION: Cleans up the clutter on homework menus.

Updated to reduce clutter on teacher menu as well.

Only the owner's name will appear on the homework menu. So if you have two kids, Bart and Lisa, and you click on Bart's homework only "Help Bart with Homework" will appear, not "Help Lisa with Homework". Lisa has to click on her own homework to ask for help.

No Townie Teen Jobs

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie teens from having jobs.

Naked Teen Hot Tub

DESCRIPTION: Allows teens to get in the hot tub naked (if their personality is appropriate) and join other naked hot tubbers.

8-Day Teens

DESCRIPTION: Changes the teen lifespan from 15 days to 8 days. Won't affect existing teens, only new teens. When used with Semester Changes (or without University) this gives sims a more realistic lifespan.

You might also consider Faster Zits which scales acne to this shorter lifespan.

POSSIBLE CONFLICT: Although I can't confirm it, I have heard that all age mods conflict with Inteenimator. They throw off fertility calculations or something like that.

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