Safe Hats

DESCRIPTION: If the selected sim has aspiration below gold, there will be no option to wear the Thinking Cap or Noodlesoother. I kept forgetting to check and got very tired of my sims passing out.

Update with a version compatible with Aspiration By Use.

Soothing Apology

DESCRIPTION: Apologies are three times as effective at reducing furiousness.

Apology Fury Fix

DESCRIPTION: Apology will reduce furiousness, as it was originally supposed to.

No Engine Weenies

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't quit working on the restorable car if the engine blows.

Cyjon's Badge Scholarships

DESCRIPTION: An update of jfade's College Scholarships for Talent Badges for compatibility with Apartment Life.

Update to add witchcraft scholarship. This new version requires Smarter EP Check.

Yowling Cat Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes bug where scolding cats for yowling made them MORE likely to yowl.

Fewer Soccer Pests

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer autonomously try to pull other sims into soccer games if the target sim has a command queued.

Updated to add Loop Fixes type fix to keep people from constantly quitting and restarting.

More Butler Cooking

DESCRIPTION: Butlers look at everyone's hunger levels, not just residents, when deciding whether to cook.

Peace of Mind Fix

DESCRIPTION: Using the genie to wish for Peace of Mind no longer also gives credit for maximizing a business.

Updated with important fix for players with FreeTime who are using Fragile Permaplat.

Better Roach Stomp

DESCRIPTION: Stomping roaches now has a 50-100% chance of killing them, based on the sim's Body.

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