Toddler Bath Clothes

DESCRIPTION: Toddlers will always be put in everyday clothes after a bath.

Commercial Buffets

DESCRIPTION: Buffets work differently on commercial or owned business lots.

Better Love Tub

DESCRIPTION: Makes the love tub aspiration object act as a love potion.

Pregnant Yoga

DESCRIPTION: Pregnant sims can do yoga.

Maternity Pay Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer get maternity pay on their days off.

Updated so pregnant sims who walk to work don't get double pay. The new version requires Smarter EP Check.

No Coffee Juggling

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't autonomously juggle coffee or espresso cups.

Paper Count Fix

DESCRIPTION: Kills false warnings about too many newspapers.

Updated with a version that actually works.

Plantsim Cloning

DESCRIPTION: Plantbabies will be physical clones of the parent. Ideal Plantsim is no longer involved. No twins are possible.

Updated for more exact cloning.

Soccer Quit Fix

DESCRIPTION: Similar to Basketball Quit Fix, sims won't insist on walking all the way over to the soccer net if you cancel the command.

Update to to fix jump bug introduced by last update.

Less Beach Obsession

DESCRIPTION: Sims must be outside to autonomously engage in beach activities.

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