LTA Platinum Fix

DESCRIPTION: Causes aspiration bar to fill immediately when earning permaplat status for a full LTA bar. This mod is necessary only if you are using Fragile Permaplat without also using Slower LTA Gain.

Date Bandatron Fix

DESCRIPTION: Non-playable dates will no longer go to the the bandatron. When the playable sim pays the date is paid for as well.

Updated with a working version.

Walkbys Behave

DESCRIPTION: Five mods to control behavior of walkbys. Install the ones which correspond to behaviors you want to eliminate.

Update to add furious version.

Smarter Chair Selection

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter about choosing where to sit during activities like reading and eating pizza.

Update for smarter seat selection when listening to music.

Professional Blogger

DESCRIPTION: Sims can make money from blogging on the computer.

Update to extend higher earnings to sims with secondary Wealth aspiration.

Better Butler Meals

DESCRIPTION: Butlers will stop slacking off by cooking crap like ramen and TV dinners.

Fewer Leaves

DESCRIPTION: Trees drop leaves only the first two days of fall.

New Servos

DESCRIPTION: Makes several changes to servo activation.

Updated to split off servo skill speed into a separate mod.

Slow Servo Skilling

DESCRIPTION: Servos learn skills half as fast as other sims.

Butler Asks To Fire

DESCRIPTION: Butler will always ask before firing other staff.

Update so butler will ask only once, not once per NPC.

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