Variable Bookcases

DESCRIPTION: Study effectiveness of bookcases is now based on the bookcase cost.

Townie Job Fix

DESCRIPTION: Allows townies to have any job rather than being restricted to jobs from the base game.

Updated to also fix teens and elders, and to use a more general routine that will allow townies to get custom jobs.

Easier Local Greetings

DESCRIPTION: Uses the Apartment Life reputation system to make Bon Voyage local greetings easier to learn.

More No Dancing In Silence

DESCRIPTION: Sims can't slow dance or classic dance unless there is a stereo present. Also fixes the bug that prevented elders and adults from classic dancing with each other.

Bug Collection Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the EA bug that prevents sims from finishing the bug collection.

No Bug Hunting Bees

DESCRIPTION: There will be no more bee attacks during bug hunting, but to compensate for the reduced downtime sims are only 75% as likely to find specimens.

Update to include Bug Collection Fix.

Call NPCs

DESCRIPTION: Reverts a "fix" made in FreeTime that prevents sims from calling almost all NPCs.

Updated to add Bon Voyage masseurs to the callable list.

Fragile BFF

DESCRIPTION: Sims who become enemies lose BFF status.

Furious Walkby Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes several problems with furious sims visits.

Fewer Enemy Visits

DESCRIPTION: Reduces the frequency of visits by furious sims.

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