Free Time

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This mod works with Free Time.

Fragile BFF

DESCRIPTION: Sims who become enemies lose BFF status.

Furious Walkby Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes several problems with furious sims visits.

Fewer Enemy Visits

DESCRIPTION: Reduces the frequency of visits by furious sims.

Loan Jar

DESCRIPTION: An object that allows your sims to borrow money as needed.

Updated with some cosmetic changes to menus.

Aspiration By Use

DESCRIPTION: Aspiration objects are free to buy and instead drain aspiration when a sim actually uses them.

Updated to add Kibble Of Life.

No Hobby Plaque

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer get hobby plaques when maxing out enthusiasm.

Deadly Satellites

DESCRIPTION: Increases the chance of satellite death.

Townie Enthusiasm Seeder

DESCRIPTION: Seeds townies with initial enthusiasm. This mod is necessary only if you create your own townies in CAS.

School Hobby Friend Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes broken school-hobby friend system.

Hobby Friend Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the "child bringing creepy old man home from school" issue.

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