Free Time

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This mod works with Free Time.

Kid Collection Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes bugs causing nighttime walkbys to invite themselves into your home.

Updated to prevent sims from trying to pick up kids who are on the phone and not actually on the lot.

Professor Schmooze Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes Drama professors so they can be schmoozed for better grades just like other professors.

Digging Is Gardening

DESCRIPTION: Holes in the yard will be filled by gardeners rather than maids.

Faster Set Price

DESCRIPTION: Eliminates the absurdly long animation associated with Set Price For Everything on cash registers.

Lot Inspector

DESCRIPTION: Let Prof. von Ball inspect your lots for known problems before deleting a lot that could destroy your neighborhood.

Update with minor tweaks to the messages given.

Lockable Garage Doors

DESCRIPTION: Allows garage doors to be locked like other doors.

Updated to work with all garage doors, including custom ones. Updated again with an apthack-compatible version.

Townie Job Blocker

DESCRIPTION: You can give townies, downtownies and social group sims the Job Stopinator to prevent them from getting jobs.

Hot Tub Entry Logic

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be smarter about entering hot tubs.

Updated to reduce looping (getting out immediately after getting in).

Lightning Storm Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug that prevents intense lightning storms.

Seated Aging Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims can no longer avoid death by sitting in a chair.

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