Bug Fixes

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Apology Fury Fix

DESCRIPTION: Apology will reduce furiousness, as it was originally supposed to.

Yowling Cat Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes bug where scolding cats for yowling made them MORE likely to yowl.

Peace of Mind Fix

DESCRIPTION: Using the genie to wish for Peace of Mind no longer also gives credit for maximizing a business.

Updated with important fix for players with FreeTime who are using Fragile Permaplat.

Electrocution Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes motive check errors in determining death by electrocution, and correctly accounts for servo and plantsim motives.

Butler Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the "butler won't cook" bug.

Spy Microphone Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Several bug fixes and tweaks of the Audio Augmenter Earpiece (the Intelligence career reward).

Bisexual Influence Fix

DESCRIPTION: Stops influence system from forcing bisexual sims to choose a gender preference.

Harvest Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes an AL-introduced bug which causes crops to hang around as long as an hour after harvest.

Education Bookcase Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims studying skills from the Education bookcase will stick with the activity longer.

Updated to work as far back as Seasons.

Modular Synth Fix

DESCRIPTION: The modular synth is now treated as a skill object, as it should be, rather than a fun object.

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