Bug Fixes

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Seated Aging Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims can no longer avoid death by sitting in a chair.

Fireproof Toddlers

DESCRIPTION: Toddlers can no longer die from fire.

Meet Professors Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes bug that occasionally causes university students to meet only one or neither professor.

No Robot Sneezing

DESCRIPTION: Allergies no longer affect robots, including servos, hydrobots, munchiebots, etc.

Breadfruit Tree Fix

DESCRIPTION: Makes the eternally-burning breadfruit trees fireproof.

More No Dancing In Silence

DESCRIPTION: Sims can't slow dance or classic dance unless there is a stereo present. Also fixes the bug that prevented elders and adults from classic dancing with each other.

Bug Collection Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the EA bug that prevents sims from finishing the bug collection.

Call NPCs

DESCRIPTION: Reverts a "fix" made in FreeTime that prevents sims from calling almost all NPCs.

Updated to add Bon Voyage masseurs to the callable list.

Fragile BFF

DESCRIPTION: Sims who become enemies lose BFF status.

Furious Walkby Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes several problems with furious sims visits.

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