Bug Fixes

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Food Nap Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which causes sims who fall asleep in their food to sleep until motive failure.

No Suck Face Pedos

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which allows Kiss/Suck Face to appear for children and toddlers.

Fitness Delta Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which could allow a sim's fitness to increase without limit or to stop at an arbitrary level.

Reputation New Friend Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a reputation rewards bug where the game overwrites a variable, potentially befriending sims like Baby New Year.

Floor Sleep Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which causes sims passed out on the floor to sometimes stop gaining energy.

No Fake Sleepover Whining

DESCRIPTION: Fixes AL bug which causes visiting sims to whine about being invited to sleep over when they weren't.

Date Gift Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a host of problems with sims leaving gifts for dates.

Updated for Apartment Life.

Problems fixed:

  • Dates no longer tiptoe. It's cute but frequently doesn't get cleared right, leaving tiptoeing townies.
  • Objects are left at the mailbox, which is more likely than the front door to have a large space available.
  • If the date can't find a place for the object, the object is removed rather than floating in limbo creating problems such as unachievable wants.

Blue Fangs Fix - Version 3

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the flashing blue fangs that adult and YA male vampires get.

Updated with a third version of the fix - this time for sure!

WHICH VERSION? There are three mods attached, each using a different approach to the problem. Install only one of these. I'd suggest starting with Version 3 but it doesn't really matter which one you try first.

Version 1 worked for me in my Seasons game with multiple vampires but didn't work in FreeTime.

Desk Fix

DESCRIPTION: Children can place items like homework on desks more successfully.

Does not fix the Country Desk from Seasons since it uses its own weird slots to keep people from reaching through the solid hutch on the back. Should work on all others desks including custom desks.

People still occasionally have trouble if the only access to the desk is on the diagonal but the behavior is inconsistent.

LAST UPDATE: August 30, 2008


Plantsim Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug that prevents players from getting plantsims unless they play the same lot without saving for several game days.

As you may know, you become a plantsim once you have sprayed crops more than a certain number of times. The problem is that when you leave a lot, whether to go to the neighborhood or to go to a commercial lot, it doesn't save the spray count so it resets to zero.

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