Free Time

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This mod works with Free Time.

Teen Adult Privacy Fix

DESCRIPTION: Teen and adult sims no longer chase each other out of the bathroom if they have crush/love for each other.

Bigger Families

DESCRIPTION: Allows an unlimited number of sims on the lot. Yeah I know there are a zillion mods like this. Well, this is mine.

Updated to correctly process pet pregnancies in large houses.


DESCRIPTION: Allows you to use aspiration points to change a sim's personality.

Updated to allow changes in either direction, and to take correct payment for partial points.

No Command Reaction

DESCRIPTION: Sims will no longer waste time reacting (positively or negatively) to user commands. This includes killing the sulky stairs walk which always made me want to give them a slap (ala Dungeon Keeper) so they'd move faster.

No Table Platters

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer put serving platters on eating surfaces such as dining tables or counter islands.

No Townie Aging

DESCRIPTION: Suppresses the dialog that allows you to age townies.

Updated to be compatible with the latest version of Pescado's clothingtool.

No Home Buskers

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer place tip jars when doing the Perform action with instruments on a residential lot. Sims also will not choose Play for Tips with the violin. Tip jars will be placed if performing on a commercial lot, dorm, frat house or secret society.

Updated to work correctly in apartments.

Put Homework Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims look for an empty desk to put homework on rather than all rushing for The One Desk. Includes homework from public/private school and from university.

Updated for Apartment Life.

Better Plantsim Drinks

DESCRIPTION: Plantsims get more water when getting a drink from the tap.

Updated for Apartment Life compatibility.

Turn On/Turn Off Selection

DESCRIPTION: Implements a more rationale approach to selection of turn ons and turn offs, which I collectively call TOs.

Updated to add witches.

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