Free Time

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This mod works with Free Time.

Quit Having Fun

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be smarter about quitting fun activities before they are on the brink of death.

Hate Burglars

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't automatically build up high relationships with their burglars.

No CAS Idles

DESCRIPTION: Stops idle actions and reactions in CAS.

Leave Paper Alone

DESCRIPTION: Walkbys won't read or steal the newspaper.

No Visitor Chores

DESCRIPTION: Prevents visitors from doing chores around your house. Doesn't prevent you from influencing visitors to work.

Updated to add cleaning pet dishes, filling holes and raking leaves.

Less Watering

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from watering flowers or garden plants if the action would cause overwatering and prevents visitors from watering at all. Affects both autonomous and user-directed actions.

Updated for Apartment Life.

Cheaper Restaurant Guides

DESCRIPTION: Significantly reduces payout for restaurant guides.

No Auto Jump On Couch

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer autonomously jump on the couch.

Get Off Your Ass!

DESCRIPTION: Sims are much less likely to just sit around doing nothing.

Less Primping

DESCRIPTION: Sims will no longer autonomously do the Primp action if they have high hygiene (since it doesn't help), low hygiene (since they should be showering) or are vampires (since it hurts them).

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