NPCs and Townies

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No Townie Aging

DESCRIPTION: Suppresses the dialog that allows you to age townies.

Updated to be compatible with the latest version of Pescado's clothingtool.

Female Maids

DESCRIPTION: Silly mod that makes all maids female. Affects only new maids not existing ones.

Updated to Apartment Life compatibility.

LAST UPDATE: January 25, 2010


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

Apartment Butlers

DESCRIPTION: Butlers and nannies can now enter the apartments of the people who hired them.

I'm utterly baffled why EA specifically excluded them from apartments, but I'm frequently utterly baffled by EA.

LAST UPDATE: January 24, 2010

REQUIRED EPs: Apartment Life

COMPATIBLE EPs: Apartment Life

No Townie Runaways

DESCRIPTION: Teens can no longer run away from homes they don't actually live in.

Any selectable teen can run away from home if they have bad/no relationships with everyone in the house. This can be annoying if you have made a visiting teen selectable for some reason, causing them to run away even though they don't live there. With this mod only teens who belong to the current household can run away.

LAST UPDATE: December 16, 2008


No NPC Stay Over

DESCRIPTION: NPCs will no longer ask to hang out after work if they are your friends. It's not worth boffing the maid if she's going to be all clingy about it :)

LAST UPDATE: September 13, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

No Townie Teen Jobs

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie teens from having jobs.

Fewer Wolves

DESCRIPTION: Prevents wolves other than Leader of the Pack from visting your property. These other wolves appear to do nothing other than scratch at the door. LotP is not affected.

LAST UPDATE: April 15, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Pets through Apartment Life.

INCOMPATIBLE MODS: No Wolves (which prevents all wolves, including the LOTP)

Non-Townie Outfits

DESCRIPTION: Prevents certain outfits and hairstyles from being selected for townies and newly-aged sims. They can still be chosen by the player. I've separated them into separate files so you don't have to take all of them if you don't want to.

Dragon affects the dragon outfits from Family Fun Stuff.

Floaties makes the kids swim floaties from Family Fun Stuff swimwear only, not everyday wear.

Holiday affects baby new year, Santa Claus, and Mrs. Claus outfits from the Holiday Party Pack.

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