NPCs and Townies

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Stuck Gardener Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug that causes a gardener to stand by the truck and do nothing until dismissed if all landscape plants are inaccessible.

Paper Count Fix

DESCRIPTION: Kills false warnings about too many newspapers.

Updated with a version that actually works.

More Butler Cooking

DESCRIPTION: Butlers look at everyone's hunger levels, not just residents, when deciding whether to cook.

Butler Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes the "butler won't cook" bug.

There Can Be Only One (Professor)

DESCRIPTION: Game will generate one rather than two professors for each major. Gender will be random.

NPC Maker Fix

DESCRIPTION:Tweaks the NPC Maker menus to make them more functional.

Updated with corrected tourist menus.

Fewer Tourists

DESCRIPTION: Allows fewer or smaller tourist families.

No Party Cops

DESCRIPTION: Cops no longer break up loud parties.

Hate Burglars

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't automatically build up high relationships with their burglars.

Townie Apartment Residents

DESCRIPTION: Apartment neighbors and roommates will be chosen from the townie pool rather than social groups.

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