Miscellaneous Mods

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Cancel Paper

DESCRIPTION: After canceling actions with the newspaper, sims will put the paper down immediately rather than reading it briefly.

Updated for better compatibility with Put Paper Down.

Argue Social Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes reversed social values so mean sims enjoy arguments more than nice sims. Arguing always provides Social boost for instigating sim.

Updated so argue always lowers STR and LTR rather than sometimes raising it.

Smarter EP Check

DESCRIPTION: Creates a new, more robust and accurate Expansion Pack and Stuff Pack check.

This mod by itself does nothing, but will be required by many of my future mods.

Fertile Fertility

DESCRIPTION: Fertile sims are, you know, fertile - they are more likely to get pregnant.

Night Calling

DESCRIPTION: Allows a larger variety of sims to be called at night.

Updated to add high level witches and people with night jobs. Newest version can be used as far back as University.

Faster Zits

DESCRIPTION: Teens develop acne in half the time. This scales the pimple timeline to fit the shorter lifespan of 8 Day Teens

Scrap Named Painting

DESCRIPTION: Changes the easel menu so instead of saying "Scrap Painting" it says, for example, "Scrap Vidcund's Painting".

Updated to fix name issues introduced by Pescado's ftminifixes.

Shorter Jokes

DESCRIPTION: Sims tell shorter jokes.

Old Novels

DESCRIPTION: Restores pre-FT novel writing to FreeTime and Apartment Life.

Updated to include Pescado's novel progress tracker (novelprogress from MATY).

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