Miscellaneous Mods

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Outdoor Lights All Night

DESCRIPTION: Outdoor lights will stay on until 7 am rather than 2 am.

LAST UPDATE: March 5, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

INCOMPATIBLE MODS: Doesn't work with Smarter Lights which is why I no longer use it.

No Random Calls

DESCRIPTION: Reduces the massive spam of incoming phone calls from random idiots who keep interrupting play.

I have broken this out into several packages. Download as desired depending on which calls you want to eliminate.

"Strangers" prevents people you barely know from calling just to chat. Works on both townies and downtownies.

"Contacts" stops calls from people you've never even met, who call just because you have a mutual friend.

Desk Fix

DESCRIPTION: Children can place items like homework on desks more successfully.

Does not fix the Country Desk from Seasons since it uses its own weird slots to keep people from reaching through the solid hutch on the back. Should work on all others desks including custom desks.

People still occasionally have trouble if the only access to the desk is on the diagonal but the behavior is inconsistent.

LAST UPDATE: August 30, 2008


Late Sleepover

DESCRIPTION: Sims can ask other sims to stay the night even if it's after midnight.

LAST UPDATE: July 29, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: Nightlife or later

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Nightlife through Apartment Life.

Communal Shower

DESCRIPTION: Allows teens to use communal showers from University without shooing.

It can be used with Bathroom Uses You but Pescado has his own age check in there so won't allow communal showering for teens. You can fix it yourself if you dare by going into "TEST - Is Controller X Busy?" and changing the three lines that use constant 0110:03 to use 0110:02 instead.

Should work with custom showers if they were correctly designated as communal.

LAST UPDATE: August 27, 2008

Less Coughing

DESCRIPTION: Halves the duration of coughing fits caused by pneumonia or other illnesses. Created when I had a pregnant sim nearly die of starvation because of two coughing fits in a row.

LAST UPDATE: February 16, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

No Butterflies or Fireflies

DESCRIPTION: Prevents butterflies and fireflies from spawning. Originally I just wanted to dump the autonomous catching but the command kept getting pushed on sims from something else, so I finally just eliminated the pests completely. This mod doesn't eliminate the associated wants.

LAST UPDATE: July 6, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from Seasons through Apartment Life.

Less Hydrobot Breakage

DESCRIPTION: Hydrobots will break down FAR less often.

The original code gives a cumulative 0.25% chance of breakdown per spray, meaning hydrobots will break down after approximately 23 sprays. There was a minimum of 1 day between breakdowns.

This mod reduces the chance to 0.025% per spray, meaning approximately 74 sprays to break, and has a minimum of 5 days between breakdowns.

LAST UPDATE: September 5, 2007

REQUIRED EPs: Open For Business

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