Miscellaneous Mods

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More Sleep

DESCRIPTION: Players can direct sims to sleep at night, even if the sim is not tired.

Fewer Leaves

DESCRIPTION: Trees drop leaves only the first two days of fall.

Beauty Wish Sanity

DESCRIPTION: Adds sanity checks to the sims who visit after a wish for beauty. No more vacation locals traveling thousands of miles just to hang out by your mailbox and peek through your windows.

Update to force the wish controller to self destruct if the beautiful sim moves out.

Hobby Age Limits

DESCRIPTION: Limits maximum hobby enthusiasm by age.

Update to exclude non-playable sims (townies, NPCs, etc.) from the limits.

No Effects

DESCRIPTION: Removes several of the game's visual effects such as floating notes by stereos.

Updated to tweak the DJ booth.

Children Say Goodbye

DESCRIPTION: Allows children to say goodbye to guests.

Soothing Apology

DESCRIPTION: Apologies are three times as effective at reducing furiousness.

No Engine Weenies

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't quit working on the restorable car if the engine blows.

Peace of Mind Fix

DESCRIPTION: Using the genie to wish for Peace of Mind no longer also gives credit for maximizing a business.

Updated with important fix for players with FreeTime who are using Fragile Permaplat.

Better Roach Stomp

DESCRIPTION: Stomping roaches now has a 50-100% chance of killing them, based on the sim's Body.

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