Paranormal Sims

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Vampire Walkbys

DESCRIPTION: Creates more nighttime walkbys and chooses sims other than just werewolves.

Updated to fix a bug that caused errors in pre-Pets games. New version requires Smarter EP Check.

Plantsim Cloning

DESCRIPTION: Plantbabies will be physical clones of the parent. Ideal Plantsim is no longer involved. No twins are possible.

Updated for more exact cloning.

No Commercial Recharge

DESCRIPTION: Prevents servos from recharging on commercial lots. They will leave when their batteries are low.

Updated to track down another source of recharge commands.

Plantbaby Changes

DESCRIPTION: Plantbabies now get only half the skills of the parent sim. They also get half badges but that was already in the base code. Nature enthusiasm will set to the predestined hobby (if you have FreeTime) and genetic personality will be set correctly.

Updated to set Nature as predestined hobby rather than maxing it out.

Night Calling

DESCRIPTION: Allows a larger variety of sims to be called at night.

Updated to add high level witches and people with night jobs. Newest version can be used as far back as University.

No Spoiled Food

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from even considering eating spoiled food unless they are very sloppy or very hungry.

Updated with a second version which allows zombies to eat spoiled food.

Zombie Iron Stomach

DESCRIPTION: Zombies are immune to food poisoning.

Cyjon's Bigfoot Skill Tuning

DESCRIPTION: An update of jfade's Bigfoot Skill Tuning.

Want Changes

DESCRIPTION: Tweaks on the logic for some of the wants.

Update - Baby compatible with all game configurations. Marriage tweaked slightly. Added description of what Servo does (oops).

Make 5 Reagents

DESCRIPTION: Witches automatically make reagents in batches of five rather than one at a time.

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