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This mod works with University.

Fitness Delta Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which could allow a sim's fitness to increase without limit or to stop at an arbitrary level.

Hats Don't Change Clothes

DESCRIPTION: Thinking Caps and Noodlesoothers no longer force sims into default clothing.

No Party Cops

DESCRIPTION: Cops no longer break up loud parties.

Makeout Want Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims initiating make outs get the make out want satisfied at the beginning of the action rather than at the end.

Yoga/Meditation Fix

DESCRIPTION: Yoga and meditation commands will no longer drop out of the queue if the sim is not currently selected.

Cyjon's noeatcrap

DESCRIPTION: Pescado's noeatcrap modified to work with the latest version of my No Spoiled Food.

Updated to add the EP check fixes I claimed I had put in before. Not necessary to redownload if you have FreeTime or Apartment Life.

All Day Gelatin

DESCRIPTION: Gelatin is available at all times of day.


DESCRIPTION: Sims on the chat list will tend towards a FIFO (First In, First Out) protocol. In other words, sims who have been in the chat room for a long time will be more likely to leave than new log ins.

Child Computer Chat

DESCRIPTION: Computer chat menu shows both the child list and the teen+ list.

No Stinky Dancing

DESCRIPTION: Greatly reduces the ridiculous hygiene drain caused by smustle, goofy dance, slap dance and hula. Slightly reduces the energy drain as well.

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