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This mod works with University.

Flush Puke

DESCRIPTION: Sims who throw up for any reason will flush the toilet after.

Update so blocked sims won't flush or dirty the toilet.

Woohoo Teens Bed Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes Teen Style, IKEA and Apartment Life beds to work correctly with Jenflower's Woohoo Teens. Also useful for InTeenimater users.

Less Visitor Skilling

DESCRIPTION: Visitors are more sensible about using fun skilling items like the chessboard.

Auto Serve Espresso

DESCRIPTION: Autonomous use of the espresso machine will "serve" instead of "make".

Stay Means Stay

DESCRIPTION: "Say Goodbye To.../Everyone" no longer chases off Bon Voyage house guests or sims who have been asked to sleep over.

Smarter EP Check

DESCRIPTION: Creates a new, more robust and accurate Expansion Pack and Stuff Pack check.

This mod by itself does nothing, but will be required by many of my future mods.

Night Calling

DESCRIPTION: Allows a larger variety of sims to be called at night.

Updated to add high level witches and people with night jobs. Newest version can be used as far back as University.

Stuff Your Fat Face

DESCRIPTION: The "Stuff Face" fridge interaction adds fat points regardless of the sim's hunger level.

No Coffee Energy Failure

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't stop drinking coffee, espresso or hot chocolate due to sleepiness.

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