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This mod works with University.

Cancel Diary

DESCRIPTION: If user cancels "Write In Diary" when the sim is walking, the sim will abort immediately rather than defiantly scribbling a few lines first.

More Sloppy Sims

DESCRIPTION: Raises the Neat threshold for salvaging from the garbage, eating from the garbage or eating spoiled food (meaning it will happen a bit more often).

Floor Sleep Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes a bug which causes sims passed out on the floor to sometimes stop gaining energy.

Bad Floor Sleeping

DESCRIPTION: Sims who voluntarily sleep on the floor will have the same motive changes as sims who pass out. This means no comfort increase, slower energy increase and earlier waking.

More Floor Sleeping

DESCRIPTION: Allows sims to choose "Sleep On Floor" in any livable lot: residential, dorms, frats and apartments.

No CAS Idles

DESCRIPTION: Stops idle actions and reactions in CAS.

No Visitor Chores

DESCRIPTION: Prevents visitors from doing chores around your house. Doesn't prevent you from influencing visitors to work.

Updated to add cleaning pet dishes, filling holes and raking leaves.

Less Watering

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from watering flowers or garden plants if the action would cause overwatering and prevents visitors from watering at all. Affects both autonomous and user-directed actions.

Updated for Apartment Life.

No Auto Jump On Couch

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer autonomously jump on the couch.

Bigger Families

DESCRIPTION: Allows an unlimited number of sims on the lot. Yeah I know there are a zillion mods like this. Well, this is mine.

Updated to correctly process pet pregnancies in large houses.

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