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This mod works with Seasons

No Auto Snowmen

DESCRIPTION: Prevents autonomous snowman building.

No Spoiled Food

DESCRIPTION: Prevents sims from even considering eating spoiled food unless they are very sloppy or very hungry.

Updated with a second version which allows zombies to eat spoiled food.

Hot Tub Exit Logic

DESCRIPTION: Sims are smarter about leaving hot tubs and are less likely to soak in them all day.

No Wolves

DESCRIPTION: Prevents wolves, including the Leader of the Pack, from appearing on properties at all.

Zombie Iron Stomach

DESCRIPTION: Zombies are immune to food poisoning.

Basic Sell Only

DESCRIPTION: Prevents your employees from using any sales interaction other than Basic Sell.

Updated to be more effective.

Call To Meal Fix

DESCRIPTION: Call to Meal no longer calls servos, plantsims, babies, toddlers or on-the-job NPCs. People will respond to plates anywhere on the property, not just in the same room as the platter.

Updated so the game will correctly count the number of servings in a platter instead counting it as a single meal.

No Weightlifting Weenies

DESCRIPTION: Fixes typical EA stupidity which makes active sims MORE likely to quit using exercise equipment than lazy sims.

Scrap Named Painting

DESCRIPTION: Changes the easel menu so instead of saying "Scrap Painting" it says, for example, "Scrap Vidcund's Painting".

Updated to fix name issues introduced by Pescado's ftminifixes.

Want Changes

DESCRIPTION: Tweaks on the logic for some of the wants.

Update - Baby compatible with all game configurations. Marriage tweaked slightly. Added description of what Servo does (oops).

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