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This mod works with Nightlife.

Influence Teen Adult

DESCRIPTION: Makes it possible to influence teens to have romantic actions with adults and vice versa.

No Prison Phone

DESCRIPTION: Sims with the Simlogical Electronic Prisoner Tag in inventory won't appear on phone call or party guest lists.

Runaway Skills

DESCRIPTION: Runaway teens no longer get their skills randomized, potentially lowering high skill levels. Instead they slowly build skills during the time away from the house.

Flush Puke

DESCRIPTION: Sims who throw up for any reason will flush the toilet after.

Update so blocked sims won't flush or dirty the toilet.

Woohoo Teens Bed Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes Teen Style, IKEA and Apartment Life beds to work correctly with Jenflower's Woohoo Teens. Also useful for InTeenimater users.

Job Stopinator

DESCRIPTION: Put this object in a sim's inventory, and that sim will no longer get promotions.

Updated to add hobby cards to -Chance, and to fix a bug which prevented -Chance and -Reputation from working.

Less Visitor Skilling

DESCRIPTION: Visitors are more sensible about using fun skilling items like the chessboard.

Auto Serve Espresso

DESCRIPTION: Autonomous use of the espresso machine will "serve" instead of "make".

Stay Means Stay

DESCRIPTION: "Say Goodbye To.../Everyone" no longer chases off Bon Voyage house guests or sims who have been asked to sleep over.

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