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This mod works with Pets.

No Move Out Reaction

DESCRIPTION: People no longer stomp their command queues to run over and wave goodbye to sims moving out. Should work for normal move outs, going to college, or graduating.

If you have my mod CJ-NoGraduateReaction, remove it in favor of this one. They don't conflict since this mod uses a different technique, but there is no reason to use the old one anymore.

LAST UPDATE: October 4, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

No Townie Teen Jobs

DESCRIPTION: Prevents townie teens from having jobs.

More Abductions

DESCRIPTION: Makes abduction when stargazing 4x as likely.

Under the original abduction code it takes an average of 180 hours of stargazing to get abducted. With this mod that average is cut to 45.5 hours which is achievable if you really want it.

Don't use this mod if you have FreeTime since that EP already includes the ability to increase your abduction chances. "Search For Constellations" gives the same abduction chance as this mod and the other interactions (Planets, UFOs, Summon Aliens) give higher chances.

Outdoor Lights All Night

DESCRIPTION: Outdoor lights will stay on until 7 am rather than 2 am.

LAST UPDATE: March 5, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

INCOMPATIBLE MODS: Doesn't work with Smarter Lights which is why I no longer use it.

No Random Calls

DESCRIPTION: Reduces the massive spam of incoming phone calls from random idiots who keep interrupting play.

I have broken this out into several packages. Download as desired depending on which calls you want to eliminate.

"Strangers" prevents people you barely know from calling just to chat. Works on both townies and downtownies.

"Contacts" stops calls from people you've never even met, who call just because you have a mutual friend.

No Finals Warning

DESCRIPTION: Suppresses the "finals in 5 hours" warning.

With my Semester Changes mod you know when the finals are - 9 am every other day. You don't need the warning.

LAST UPDATE: September 20, 2008

REQUIRED EPs: University

COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from University through Apartment Life.

Sponge Bath Fix

DESCRIPTION: Sims will autonomously take sponge baths only if there are no bathtubs or showers on the property. Player can direct sponge baths at any time.

Unlike previous versions, this one does not extend sponge baths to children. That aspect became broken with FreeTime and I couldn't figure out why so I abandoned it.

LAST UPDATE: August 28, 2008


COMPATIBLE EPs: All configurations from the base game through Apartment Life.

Desk Fix

DESCRIPTION: Children can place items like homework on desks more successfully.

Does not fix the Country Desk from Seasons since it uses its own weird slots to keep people from reaching through the solid hutch on the back. Should work on all others desks including custom desks.

People still occasionally have trouble if the only access to the desk is on the diagonal but the behavior is inconsistent.

LAST UPDATE: August 30, 2008


No Visiting Professors

DESCRIPTION: Prevents those creepy Art professors from stalking your dorms.

Less Relaxing

DESCRIPTION: An evolution of my old NoAutoRelax mod. Unlike that mod, which completely prevented sims from relaxing in bed, this one allows it as long as the sim's energy is > 40%. The purpose is to keep sims using sleepclock from relaxing when they are sleepy, thus missing the call to go to bed.

The player can still order sims to relax in bed. This just affects autonomous behavior.

Updated to fix an EP check bug.

LAST UPDATE: August 31, 2008


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