Base Game

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This mod works with the base Sims 2 game.

Safe Hats

DESCRIPTION: If the selected sim has aspiration below gold, there will be no option to wear the Thinking Cap or Noodlesoother. I kept forgetting to check and got very tired of my sims passing out.

Update with a version compatible with Aspiration By Use.

Cancel Paper

DESCRIPTION: After canceling actions with the newspaper, sims will put the paper down immediately rather than reading it briefly.

Updated for better compatibility with Put Paper Down.

Put Paper Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be smarter about where to put down newspapers when finished with them.

Update so sims put newspaper on table rather than the floor when canceling newspaper commands.

Argue Social Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes reversed social values so mean sims enjoy arguments more than nice sims. Arguing always provides Social boost for instigating sim.

Updated so argue always lowers STR and LTR rather than sometimes raising it.

Sibling Torment

DESCRIPTION: Noogie and Torment are negative actions which reduce relationship, but raise the instigator's Social.

No Prison Phone

DESCRIPTION: Sims with the Simlogical Electronic Prisoner Tag in inventory won't appear on phone call or party guest lists.

Runaway Skills

DESCRIPTION: Runaway teens no longer get their skills randomized, potentially lowering high skill levels. Instead they slowly build skills during the time away from the house.

Flush Puke

DESCRIPTION: Sims who throw up for any reason will flush the toilet after.

Update so blocked sims won't flush or dirty the toilet.

Woohoo Teens Bed Fixes

DESCRIPTION: Fixes Teen Style, IKEA and Apartment Life beds to work correctly with Jenflower's Woohoo Teens. Also useful for InTeenimater users.

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