Autonomous Behavior

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Fewer Soccer Pests

DESCRIPTION: Sims no longer autonomously try to pull other sims into soccer games if the target sim has a command queued.

Updated to add Loop Fixes type fix to keep people from constantly quitting and restarting.

No Commercial Recharge

DESCRIPTION: Prevents servos from recharging on commercial lots. They will leave when their batteries are low.

Updated to track down another source of recharge commands.

Flush Puke

DESCRIPTION: Sims who throw up for any reason will flush the toilet after.

Update so blocked sims won't flush or dirty the toilet.

Less Visitor Skilling

DESCRIPTION: Visitors are more sensible about using fun skilling items like the chessboard.

Auto Serve Espresso

DESCRIPTION: Autonomous use of the espresso machine will "serve" instead of "make".

No Hobby Animations

DESCRIPTION: Gets rid of all the hobby idle animations like dance stretches or stomach rubbing.

Updated to kill the book walk.

No Auto Snowmen

DESCRIPTION: Prevents autonomous snowman building.

Basic Sell Only

DESCRIPTION: Prevents your employees from using any sales interaction other than Basic Sell.

Updated to be more effective.

No Auto Dance Kiss

DESCRIPTION: Sims won't do the dance kiss interaction autonomously. Player can still direct sims to do it.

Fewer Peekaboo Pests

DESCRIPTION: Sims are less likely to constantly harass toddlers with peekaboo requests.

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