Open for Business

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This mod works with Open for Business

Apology Fury Fix

DESCRIPTION: Apology will reduce furiousness, as it was originally supposed to.

Cyjon's Badge Scholarships

DESCRIPTION: An update of jfade's College Scholarships for Talent Badges for compatibility with Apartment Life.

Update to add witchcraft scholarship. This new version requires Smarter EP Check.

Better Roach Stomp

DESCRIPTION: Stomping roaches now has a 50-100% chance of killing them, based on the sim's Body.

Electrocution Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes motive check errors in determining death by electrocution, and correctly accounts for servo and plantsim motives.

Cancel Paper

DESCRIPTION: After canceling actions with the newspaper, sims will put the paper down immediately rather than reading it briefly.

Updated for better compatibility with Put Paper Down.

Put Paper Down

DESCRIPTION: Sims will be smarter about where to put down newspapers when finished with them.

Update so sims put newspaper on table rather than the floor when canceling newspaper commands.

Argue Social Fix

DESCRIPTION: Fixes reversed social values so mean sims enjoy arguments more than nice sims. Arguing always provides Social boost for instigating sim.

Updated so argue always lowers STR and LTR rather than sometimes raising it.

No Commercial Recharge

DESCRIPTION: Prevents servos from recharging on commercial lots. They will leave when their batteries are low.

Updated to track down another source of recharge commands.

Customer Cleanup

DESCRIPTION: Automatically removes owner's family members from customer list.

Sibling Torment

DESCRIPTION: Noogie and Torment are negative actions which reduce relationship, but raise the instigator's Social.

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